Results Unit 2 - Fatal Attraction

Gap-fill exercise

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All of us are aware of the fact that drug is very dangerous. All of us know that it may even be . Everybody is also aware of the fact that is an addictive too. But most of us don't know that can be as fatal as the others.
research has shown that an increasing number of people become to online gambling. The fact that you don't have real money in your hand makes it easier to spend it. Giving a number is not as threatening as giving 100 shekels in cash. have found that the people who are most are teenagers, who spend hours and hours in front of their computer without any supervision of their parents. There is a wide of computer games where on real money is involved and there is no one to stop them.They hide behind a false identity and this feeling of gives them the possibility to make crucial that can ruin their and their families' life.
We believe that the only way to fight against this phenomenon, is to raise the awareness of the of the Internet.